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Meet The Chef
Meet The Chef

Chef Kevin Luzande

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chef Kevin found his influence in the city's Latin population, driving him to explore the food and culture across Central and South America. He spent years traveling the Pan American Highway and beyond, experiencing the culinary landscapes of Mexico, Peru, Argentina, and Columbia. Chef Kevin discovered his love for cooking during annual trips to the Philippines, where he would join his grandmother in visiting local markets and returning home to prepare a family feast. 
Luzande's expansive knowledge and respect for Latin cuisine includes leading positions as chef de cuisine at Jon Sedlar's Rivera and Playa restaurants in Los Angeles. In 2015, Luzande left the city to become opening executive chef behind Cabo's celebrated farm-to-table ACRE restaurant. During his three years in Cabo, Luzande continued to taste his way across Mexico, finding inspiration in the flavors and traditions of food-forward destinations like Oaxaca and Jalisco, before traveling to Central and South America. While abroad, Luzande found ways to give back, whether cooking at Casa del Migrante Tijuana or building smokeless stoves for safe cooking in Guatemala through Habitat for Humanity.